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  • Is my prescription or insurance plan accepted at my local Health Mart?

    Care Health Mart Pharmacy pharmacies accept nearly all insurance plans. Please visit our prescription drug insurance plans page for more information.

  • Does Health Mart charge the same co-pay as other pharmacies?

    Your co-payment for prescription drugs should be the same if your prescription drug insurance plan is accepted. As noted above, Health Mart covers nearly all insurance plans. Plus, your Health Mart pharmacist provides outstanding personalized service.

  • Can I order prescriptions online or by mail with Health Mart?

    Many Health Mart pharmacies offer online and mail delivery service. Please check with your local Health Mart pharmacy to determine whether these services are offered.

  • Is Health Mart a new business?

    No. Health Mart pharmacies have served local communities since 1985. The Health Mart network has expanded widely over the past several years and continues to grow every year.

  • Is my locally owned pharmacy now owned by another company?

    No. Health Mart is a franchise program for leading independent pharmacists. The strength of the national Health Mart network makes it easier for your local pharmacist to provide better healthcare for you while still offering the personalized service that matters to you.

  • How is Health Mart different from other pharmacies?

    Health Mart pharmacists are healthcare professionals who provide a higher level of personal service. As small business owners in the community, they have a vested interest in pleasing their customers and providing an unparalleled level of care and counseling. “Caring for you and about you” is what Health Mart pharmacies do every day.

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